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Clear the Clutter

Without a doubt, this is the simplest and cheapest way to make your home appear larger. Clutter can make even the largest of homes look tiny. Get rid of items you don’t use or donate them to charity. If you are limited for space, you can’t afford to display your collection of antique vases or […]

Install Versatile Lighting

A bright interior looks bigger than a dark one. However, multiple lighting fixtures can make a small room look cluttered – although they could be helpful in a larger space. Install recessed lighting fixtures to make rooms brighter. They don’t take up valuable space and offer a soft glow that is kind to the eyes. […]

Focus on Creating Symmetry

Symmetry is ideal for a small space because it maximizes its function and appearance. Think of how each room will be used and formulate a general layout to facilitate that function. Look for ways to create symmetry. For instance, if you have two big armchairs and two small ones, mix them up. If you place […]

(5) Maximize Large Furnishings

This is one of the decorating secrets you must fully embrace. Just because you have a small interior doesn’t mean you should use small furnishings. One large furniture piece is better than many small ones. One large sofa, one large piece of artwork, and one large rug can make your home look bigger than many […]

(8) Create a Focal Point

One great way to capture a room’s essence is by creating a focal point that everything revolves around. A focal point is the center of attention, it draws eyes to itself. Your focal point can be a unique rug, an amazing piece of artwork, a fireplace, or a window with a view. But refrain from […]