(10) Use Mirrors and Glass Furnishings

Mirrors and glass furniture have the ability to open up a room. They reflect light around in areas with a minimum amount of light, creating a sense of space. You can position a large mirror opposite a window to reflect light and enhance the view. If you don’t like mirrors, use glass furnishings. A glass tabletop reveals the floor giving the impression of space. You can also use Lucite furnishings that seem to consume less space than large, opaque furnishings.

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As urban towns become bigger, homes become smaller. If you happen to live in a small home and are worried about your lack of space, stop worrying. There are many ways you can make it look bigger. Simply implement these 10 decorating secrets for a home you love to come home to.

Montreal’s “Newell Furniture” Launches Online Furniture Shopping Portal


Montreal’s “Newell Furniture” Launches Online Furniture Shopping Portal

Newell Furniture is a Canadian online furniture company that offers affordable modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian design furniture with
shipping coverage across Ontario and Quebec.

Montreal, Canada, December 10, 2015, Newell Furniture was pleased to announce the launching of their new online furniture shopping portal. Now area residents can take advantage of the tremendous savings by purchasing furniture online. This is a buying process that cuts-out the middleman and various other expenses that drive up the cost of furniture. Newell Furniture is a Montreal based furniture store that brings you a curated collection of modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian design furniture. Newell also maintains a showroom for those folks that would like to stop by for a hands-on experience.

The new site is user friendly and easy to navigate. It is neatly categorized offering: Sofas, Loveseats & Sectionals, Functional Furniture, Chairs, Tables & Desks, Media Units & Storage, Bedroom, Outdoor Furniture, and Lighting & Accessories. Each category is further broken down into sub-categories within each section. A company spokesperson explains: “We know where to find the best furniture products and have a vast sourcing network across Asia. With a dedicated sourcing and quality control team based in Asia, we identify and collaborate with the highest quality manufacturers to provide you with furniture directly to your door.” They believe that high-end design does not need to come at a high price tag.

Did you know that products from a traditional furniture retailer are marked-up 400% and higher through layers of different costs (importers, distributors, retail stores operating expense, etc.)? Newell’s idea is to revolutionize the way furniture is sold. They are the new furniture store in Montreal to visit the next time you want to redecorate your home. Few things are more frustrating than to buy furniture and wait for months until it arrives. Unless stated otherwise, all of their items are in stock and ready for shipping. Newell Furniture aims to offer high-end design at affordable prices while providing an excellent shopping experience. They are revolutionizing the traditional way of buying furniture with a better, cheaper, faster model and offer a 7-days no questions asked return policy to shop at Newell with confidence.

For complete information, please visit: http://newellfurniture.com/

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Newell Furniture
Attn: Media Relations
3rd Floor, 998 Boul St-Laurent
Montréal, QC H2Z 9Y9

Top 10 Home Decorations You Should Have This Christmas Season

As the holidays are only weeks away, it’s time to fill the house with the Christmas spirit. For special seasons like this, getting the best decorations is the best preparation.
Christmas decorations come in many forms and styles. Some decors have been part of family traditions for generations, but it won’t hurt to try some new ornaments this year. Here are top 10 must-have home decorations this Christmas season:

1. Christmas Tree

Newell Furniture Christmas Decoration Ideas Montreal and Toronto
(Photo: awesomerooms.xyz)

When it comes to Christmas décor, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree usually takes its grand spot in the living room, where families would make their Christmas countdown and start opening gifts placed under the tree. Evergreen conifers are often used for the tree. Nowadays, artificial trees are also very common.
There are many speculations on where the Christmas tree originated. For every country, there is a different story. One of the common elements of the different stories is that the Christmas tree had been used a symbol of life in the midst of winter.

2. Christmas Mantel
Newell Furniture Christmas Tree Decorating Tips
(Photo: Kristen’s Creations)

Christmas trees don’t have to get all the attention. As the season gets colder, another part of the living room can be the center of attraction – the fireplace. Some people put only simple branches around the frame. Others use garlands and Christmas balls to fill the space.
The key to getting the best mantel décor is to match the style and colors with the Christmas tree or the overall decoration theme of the whole house. Also, another reason to decorate around the fireplace is because this is where the kids will be expecting Santa Claus to enter the house and bring their gifts. That makes the mantel very important.

3. Mistletoe
Newell Furniture Christmas Decorating Ideas
(Photo: Pinterest)

While most people look at mistletoe as this special plant that brings good luck and true love, mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant that grows out of a tree. The mistletoe became famous after having been used in many holiday love songs.
Mistletoes are usually placed above the doorframe or hung from the ceiling. In some places, it is customary for two people who meet under the mistletoe to kiss. The famous “mistletoe magic” is that a kiss under the mistletoe can bring romance or friendship.

4. Nativity Set
Nativity Set
(Photo: Amazon)

To be able to completely fill the Christmas spirit, it is also wonderful to put up a Christmas décor that commemorates where it all started. A nativity set can be any type of display of objects that represent the birth of Jesus.
Usually, these nativity scenes basically include Jesus as an infant, Mary and Joseph. Some sets also include farm animals, the Magi and their gifts. A nativity set can be an indoor or outdoor decoration. When displayed indoors, it is usually placed under or beside the Christmas tree. It goes well with what the star at the treetop symbolizes.

5. Dinner Centerpiece
Christmas Centrepiece
(Photo: www.lifestyleresidencies.com)

With so much food around, people often neglect to decorate the dining table. However, the table centerpiece is very important in keeping the festive air around.
Christmas balls, flowers, candles or fruits can solve the problem. Setting up a tablecloth and chair coverings that go with the overall theme will surely maximize the dining experience.

6. Wreath chandelier
Christmas Chandelier
(Photo: Martha Stewart)

Chandeliers do not have to be so great in size, as proven by Christmas chandeliers. Wreath chandeliers are usually small or average in size, but they give the complete festive vibe. While the table centerpiece is an important décor in the dining room, the chandelier completes the whole setting.
It is also a versatile decoration. Depending on the style and color, a wreath chandelier can either be neutral, festive or romantic.

7. Christmas lights
Christmas Lights
(Photo: www.theotherspot.com)

Christmas lights can be put up anywhere inside the house – around the Christmas tree, around the mantel, around the staircase, around the window frame, etc. While these Christmas lights can be placed anywhere within the house, people also give a lot of effort in setting up the lights outdoors.
From the front porch to the roof of the house, these bright lights scream “Merry Christmas!” to anyone passing by your home. When the street is starting to brighten up because of outdoor Christmas lights, it is one of the good signs that Christmas is near.

8. Lanterns
Christmas Lanterns
(Photo: www.youtube.com)

While lanterns can also be categorized under lights, a little creativity could put lanterns on an entirely different level. In some countries, lanterns come in various shapes and complex forms. The most common shape is the star. This proves that they’re more than just lights, they’re actually decorations.
The “parol” from the Philippines is a famous example. These lanterns come with bright colors and in different sizes – small to giant, and are usually created out of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, paper or used foil. The predominant feature is the five-pointed star with two decorative tails.

9. Staircase décor
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Another commonly forgotten part of home when it comes to decoration season is the staircase. This long space is the perfect spot to show off elegant garlands, wreaths, ribbons and lights. If you have a red-and-green color theme, a simple red carpet can also be used.
Moreover, Christmas trees usually take up that free space beside the stairs. To create the perfect Christmas blend, it is best to match up the colors and style of the Christmas tree with the staircase.

10. Snowman
(Photo: Georgia Heartland)

Whether it is Frosty or Olaf, nothing can be more excited for kids than a snowman in the house. While it is traditionally set up outdoors, an artificial snowman indoors could also work.
In decorating homes, it is important to consider that the ornaments do not take up too much or too little space. For small spaces, decorating around windows, doors and staircases would work well. For large spaces, Christmas trees and nativity sets would work great.
The overall look of your Christmas decorations will depend on how the decors blend together and complement each other.